Casual game players still have hardcore priorities, as social game behemoth Zynga is discovering after its plans to drop Street Racer on Monday without refunding players' balances incited a user riot.

Not helping matters was the fact Zynga, valued at some $5 billion, didn't do what most large companies do and offer some veneer of an explanation for killing the game, no matter how unpopular it was, relatively speaking. The game's installation base isn't known, but many had spent cash on in-game items that are more than just worthless on Monday, they're gone forever.


A statement sent to Develop Online offered credits for the exact amount of their purchases, "plus an additional 100 units of premium currency," in any other active Zynga game, "as an acknowledgment of the inconvenience."

Players and fans are still pissed; Develop speculates the game is still profitable. Not helping matters was Zynga's manner of saying goodbye - sans apology or explanation, just directing Street Racing players to try out FrontierVille. The reference to FrontierVille has been removed, but no further info on Street Racing's demise has been offered.

Zynga Bid To Quell Street Racing Uproar [Develop via Joystiq]