"No Plans" for PS3 Redesigns

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Sony loves redesigning its hardware — slimmer, slicker, better. Rumor has it that the Japanese company will be announcing not one, but two hardware redesign-related announcements at this year's E3.


According to Sony, "We currently don't have any plans for a redesigned PS3." Our internet dictionary defines "currently" as "at the presenttime; now." So currently right now, Sony doesn't have plans, but maybe in the future (tomorrow? next week? next year?), the company could have plans.

And like that, No Plans Watch strikes AGAIN!

Sony rubbishes PS3 redesign rumor [CVG]



TBF, all three major consoles this gen are seriously fugly.

The PS3 has that ridiculous aircraft hangar stuck on top, then goes all 1980s on the front for no good reason.

The 360 curves forwards which facilitates god-only-knows-what so that it never looks quite right whether it's upright or lying down.

The Wii in its cheap stand is positioned ideally for basketball players trying to 'dunk' game discs into it, and putting it on it's side, while solving one problem, makes the whole thing ghastly if you are using the Gamecube ports.

Also, the first thing ANY of these console designers should do is release their machines in both BLACK and CHROME because that's the colour most other electronic devices that sit under the TV are.