​No, People, Bitcoin is NOT an Xbox Game or a New iPhone

Bitcoin has fascinated people for a little bit now. It's got that futuristic sounding name that sounds cool. Seems like something you should get into, right? But don't be like the six percent of surveyed Americans who thought that Bitcoin was an Xbox game. Because it's not.

The Atlantic has a write-up of a Bloomberg poll about the 21st Century crypto-cash where a sliver of respondents thought it was the name of a new Xbox game or the next iPhone. Now, the poll's 1,004-person sample size is sort of small. But the results still speak to the idea that while people are hearing about Bitcoin, they're not so sure why they're hearing about it.


42% of those polled answered correctly, name-checking Bitcoin as a volatile virtual currency. You can buy drugs with it. Or an Ouya console.

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