No PC DLC for RE5, Says Capcom

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Capcom's announcement of a DLC bonanza on Wednesday conspicuously excluded PC versions and dates. That's because the company doesn't intend to release it for the PC. For now, anyway.


G4 spoke to a company rep who confirmed that lack of dates for PC versions was no accident. "No plans for PC at this point," said Capcom. And that was that.

That means no costumes, no new episodes, no new Mercenaries multiplayer, zip. You want that, grab the console version, or wait for Capcom to change their minds, I guess.

Resident Evil 5 Downloadable Content Not Planned For PC Version "At This Point" [G4 via VG247]



Oh no, no Re5 PC DLC? None at all? But.. we always get stuff.. we're PC gamers... I know! Let's boycott it and have a big eProtest!

Seriously though, I'm starting to hate that word being used now. What happened to "not acknowledging something's presence", "ignoring it", or "I'll accept that it exists but I'm not going to buy it and I'm not going to make a fuss about why I've chosen not to"? A few thousand fans isn't going to change a developer's opinions overnight, and a few thousand game sales of a Triple-A title isn't exactly going to make even a scratch on their balance sheets at fiscal quarter end. So I'm calling this move by the fans before it happens. It's up to the developers what we all get. Remember if it's not for them we'd have no game at all.