No One Needs to Know You Downloaded Tap Tap Glee

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You're not into musicals; I get that. It's a silly show that definitely didn't make me cry multiple times during the first season alone, and I wouldn't be caught dead playing Tap Tap Glee, now available on the iTunes App Store.


If I were to download the free app, hypothetically speaking, I'd end up with three tracks from the hit television show to tap along with: "Don't Stop Believin", "My Cup", and "Hell to the No", with more than 50 tracks available for purchase through the in-app store, as well as free promo tracks every day. On top of that I'd be able to purchase new music packs every Tuesday, which would just be silly.

The app also features character bios, quotes, and trivia about the show's cast members, exclusive videos from the upcoming Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, which no one is excited about, and much, much more.


Of course no one is going to download this at all. They've certainly not already downloaded it.

I'll just leave this here.

Tap Tap Glee [iTunes]

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I'm not saying I love musicals, either. Nope. Didn't cry at Wicked. She Loves Me, the original cast recording from 1976, is not in my CD player. Never.

But, if those things were true, and I liked Glee, which I would never like with all of that singing and dancing and stuff, I might totally get this and play it and dance and laugh and smile and some junk.

Yep, I'm a lucky guy that I would totally never have this kinda fun when no one is watching.