No One Gets Excited About Console News Anymore

1999 seemed like a much more exciting time for console news, at least according to the comedians at Mega64. Wireless controllers, backwards compatibility...these were once fascinating new features.

Have consoles reached their peak? Can they really not please us anymore? What about the Ouya?

Mega64: New Consoles, Then and Now [YouTube]

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I do think we've reached a point of diminishing returns. Graphics-jumps aren't quite AS impressive as say, the jump from SNES to n64. More particles, better animations, more polygons, etc...but nothing close to the photorealistic future we all dream of. And this motion-controlled future all the hardware makers want us to embrace isn't nearly as intuitive as they'd like quite yet. It's a fair statement to say generally, people tend to not be AS excited...or maybe the internet has made us all jaded assholes.