New games will be added to the Xbox Live Game Room on a weekly basis - but those updates won't begin until late April, according to a community manager in an official forum.

That's disappointing news for those anyone popped into Game Room after it launched last week, demoed a few free games and then wondered where the rest of the games were. Count me among them. There was very little in there that I'd consider buying outright. Tutankham? Asteroids Deluxe? Yars' Revenge? None really grabbed me past the demo phase. This really needs something like Elevator Action, Moon Patrol or Pole Position.


Microsoft has set up two official threads where users can weigh in with suggestions and list the arcade classics they'd really like to see in the game room.

It's good news that the update schedule will be weekly, but the catalog in place now isn't nearly enough to sustain interest over this long first month. I hope I'll remember to check back.

When will we see new games? – Some Clarification [Xbox Live Forums, thanks Miguel]

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