No New Titles For Game Room Until Further Notice

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According to a Tweet from Microsoft's European Xbox Live editor, the next round of content for Microsoft's virtual arcade Game Room has been delayed "until further notice."


We've been waiting for new titles to arrive in the Xbox Game Room since it launched last month, disappointed when we heard that the promised weekly updates wouldn't kick in until late April. Consider us even more disappointed now, as Microsoft's Daniel Maher Tweets further delay.

The latest batch of Game Room content has also been delayed until further notice - I'll let you know once a new date is confirmed.

Of course Daniel covers things over in Europe, so perhaps there's different news for those of us here in the states. We've reached out to Xbox Live's Larry Hryb, who passed along this response:

"We're working to bring you additional Game Room titles as soon as possible! We appreciate your patience, and we've been thrilled by the community response so far. We want to provide you with the best experience possible, so stay tuned!!"

The Microsoft Game Room was designed to look and act like a real arcade, and to an extent it's succeeded. Unless new games start coming in soon, it risks having more in common with many American arcades than Microsoft wants - it'll be empty.


Darth Tigris

Just got into it for the first time a couple days back and . . . . . . meh.

It was very nostalgic, I'll give it that. I sure would love to rename some of the rooms with arcades of my youth (Fun Factory, Space Port, etc) and they DEFINITELY need games that people actually enjoyed in arcades and not completely obscure stuff.

And that will ultimately be the failure of the Game Room. If they are not able to get the good arcade games of old and charge a reasonable price for them (paying per game in other gamers rooms ... no), then this will really, really fail.

Could've used another 6 months of polish before launch and a beta where gamers can give their feedback. Oh well.