No more quick saving at every terminal! Fallout 4 update 1.2 is live on PC today, fixing a handful of issues including the terminal locking bug that’s plagued me since launch. Bethesda aims to roll the update to consoles later this week.


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Ya know, everyone points to twitch chat and youtube comments for how shitty people are but, I gotta say, steam patch comments basically make every developer into Bungie considering how overblown and furiously spiteful the comments are.
Seems this patch did something that effected some peoples mods and soooo many peoples reaction is to pile on Bethesda and crucify them for, in their minds, maliciously and purposefully disable the ability to use mods.
‘Cause, ya know, that’s how Bethesda is, right? They hate mods so much they went so far as to make them available for consoles too so they can take them away. Yep.
God, I feel old...