No More Heroes Slumming It With Red Steel For New Wii Bundle

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Say, Wii owner. Did you pass on No More Heroes? Well, shame on you! But if you have no taste, maybe you'd like to pick up Red Steel while you're remedying that, thanks to Ubisoft.


The French publisher is bundling both Wii titles in one package, a practice we've not seen much of this generation, particularly on the Wii. EBGames is listing the No More Heroes/Red Steel bundle for a March 19th release in the U.S.

Granted, buying both titles, new and separately, would only set you back about eight bucks more. I'd think it's worth it, if only to hide the shame of not owning an original copy of No More Heroes.

No More Hereos/Red Steel Bundle [EBGames via Kombo]


Red steel is a decent wii shooter.

I almost managed to type that with a straight face. It would have been decent, if they had dropped the broken sword play.

I tried more than fifty times to kill an enemy, when I just gave up, and started flailing the controller. That killed him. I still haven't beaten it because sword play portions suck all the fun out of the shooting, which is half way decent.