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No More Heroes, But Yes More Cherries And Mangos

Illustration for article titled No More Heroes, But Yes More Cherries And Mangos

These "erotic portraits" of Sylvia Christel are part of a Japanese pre-order bonus for upcoming title No More Heroes: Paradise.


Because sitting on a toilet eating fruit is erotic.

Or something.

The game uses toilets as save points, and the game itself was conceived while No More Heroes designer Goichi Suda was on the can.


The cherry portrait is for the game's PS3 version, while the manga portrait is for the Xbox 360 version. The erotic portraits pre-order bonus will feature other characters as well — hopefully, not all on the toilet.

No More Heroes: Paradise was originally scheduled for this February, but won't be out in Japan until April.

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Erotica Portraits Partially Revealed [Siliconera]

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I thought most Japanese still squatted over a bathroom "hole" or whatever it's called. Is Suda's apparent fixation on toilets due to the novelty of seeing/using one over there?