No matter how full the internet is with Metroid fan art, there's always someone topping it with something special. Here's an injured Samus Aran with some awesome coloring by DeviantART user muju. Could look at this all day.


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Samus 2.0 by muju [DeviantART, via The Omega Nerd]

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I'm going to take this opportunity to voice an opinion that I'm sad to say, hasn't really been shared by the gaming community.

I really... REALLY HATE the samus zero suit. I know this series has had plenty of highly pixilated cheesecake, but I was so disappointed when Nintendo revealed the official hi-fidelity face of Samus. There's no character in the design. There's no sign of the years of wandering, and toil, and loneliness that embodies this nomadic character.

Instead, she just looks like betty from archie >:( . wtf