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Want to know how No Man’s Sky has changed since launch? The first thing you should do is check out the beautiful grass.

The Atlas Update for No Man’s Sky said, “The variety and visual quality of planetary biomes has been improved,” but it didn’t detail how or what. While there’s a lot of cool new biomes, there’s also significant difference in the colors and textures of the grass. Now, this may seem like a minor thing, but No Man’s Sky grass right now is like, the platonic ideal of grass, and it comes in dozens of soothing shades. I want to sink my toes into this.


No Man’s Sky players have also definitely noticed the changes. One user on the the No Man’s Sky subreddit is even trying to get a prettiest grass contest going. The old grass was still pretty, but it stuck straight up and looked uncomfortably pointy, and in general the colors weren’t as saturated:

The new grass looks touchable, has a soft shine to it, and the colors are deeper. Take a look at the grass images players are sharing online right now

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No Man’s Sky grass has always come in a few different types, but I think the clover-esque grass looks especially good post update:

This is all primo picnic grass, especially if you love to picnic on 1970s science fiction book covers. You think a future update will include dew drops? ‘Cause that’s honestly the only thing that could bring No Man’s Sky’s grass to the next level.