No Man's Sky Never Got Sandworms Because 'People Would Hate Them'

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Screenshot: No Man’s Sky (Hello Games)

If you’re hoping for giant sandworms and non-stop player-vs.-player space battles in No Man’s Sky, you’re probably going to be disappointed by the new update coming next week. If you’re down to just chill in lonely vacuum of space with a couple of buds, buckle up.


There are still players seeking out some of the things they saw in the hype leading up to No Man’s Sky’s release that weren’t there at launch. Giant sandworms, which made an appearance in a pre-release trailer, are one such thing. If you’re still on the hunt for those, you should probably just give up. Hello Games founder Sean Murray told Waypoint that while those big ol’ worms were in the game at one point, they just weren’t enjoyable to fight.

“In one of the early videos, we show this giant kind of sandworm, and it turned out, as we went through development, that wasn’t very fun,” he said. “People would hate them within the game. They would be totally overpowered to the player. It would just come from nowhere, and it just wasn’t very fun. And it didn’t make sense within the scale of the game.”

The long promised multiplayer is actually for real coming to No Man’s Sky in the new update on Tuesday. Murray said that players shouldn’t expect an all out PVP experience, though, and said that players will be able to opt out of it. “PVP isn’t the focus of the game, it’s not very… like, this sounds bad but it’s purposeful, it’s not very rewarding. That was a very conscious decision,” he said. “It actually started with no PVP in, and it felt weird to have a ship and not be able to shoot your friend or whatever, or have a gun and not be able to shoot them.”

Murray said this update will also bring more support for what’s made the game most exciting so far to the people who have stuck with it: the community of players organizing their own space faring societies.

“Post launch, we’re going gonna start doing weekly updates with content and community missions and things like that,” he said. “There’s a website that we’re launching that will show people where hubs and factions are, and how much they’ve explored the game and stuff like that. That’s mainly if you are interested in that side of the game. We’re supporting that loads more.”

No Man’s Sky players have made their own factions, governments and even space police forces without support from Hello Games at this point, so it’ll be exciting to see how this develops with the developers behind them.



If they’re OP, why not, I don’t know, make them less OP? I assume there’s health and damage in the game.