No Man's Sky Fans Are Starting To Find Messages Left By Other Players

One of the features that came with the big “Foundation” update for No Man’s Sky was the ability to write short notes that could be discovered by other players. While many have sent words into the abyss, only a lucky few have managed to find messages from other people thus far.

One of the first documented messages comes from Mikefamey, pictured above. That’s it. “Boo.” It’s brief, yet somehow appropriate following the controversy about the inability to find other players in No Man’s Sky. Boo: there’s life out there after all.


A few other people on Reddit have shared the messages they’ve encountered, and while some are mostly functional (“find thing at x place!”), some people are remembering to have some fun with it, too:

Image source: itsnotaboutslots. It reads, “Everyone join the party!”

If you’re hoping to find messages, MikeFamey suggests going to the center, where there’s a higher chance of finding other people. “Find somebody’s system, through the scan button in the Galactic Map,” MikeFamey suggests. “Message [the player] and ask if they are still there. If they are, go to the system...[and] place a communications station.”

The other player should be able to see your station on their own map. From there it’s just a matter of putting a message in. It’s not a perfect system—there’s always a chance it won’t work if you try it—but that’s how MikeFamey was able to communicate with another player. Neat, huh?

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