No Man's Sky Creators Say The Game Will Receive A Big Update This Week

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No Man’s Sky will be getting an update this week to improve the story and add quick travel using portals. The announcement came at the end of an ongoing ARG that has been teasing changes to the game.


A new memo sent by game designer Sean Murray revealed that the new update, called Atlas Rises will expand on the narrative. Atlas Rises “focuses on improving the central story of No Man’s Sky” as well as adds portal to the game. During the game’s launch, the potential existence of portals prompted widespread speculation and fan theories.

No Man’s Sky has slowly been rounding itself out with updates including vehicles and base-building. These updates have expanded the game’s survival elements but left its woefully underwhelming story untouched. No Man’s Sky’s subpar story content left players creating their own tales with efforts to map sectors of the galaxy or fully explore planets to learn their secrets. It remains to be seen exactly what the new content will hold, but Murray’s memo states that “patch notes will be made available shortly before the update goes live.” 

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If NMS continue with this “update every 3 months” pattern, it might very well become the game people hyped themselves up to believe it was. I’m excited. Its done nothing but improve itself so far.

I’ll probably fire the game back up. Maybe even explore some blasted, inhospitable worlds to familiarize myself with what ours might soon become because egomaniacs with nukes are having Twitter tantrums with each other.