No Kotaku Melodic Tonight

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Sorry, music fans—due to me being in Seattle at PAX, there will be no Kotaku Melodic this week. We've been posting a lot of good musical stuff lately, so do go browse the archive and give it a listen.

Also, for any Melodic readers who will be at PAX this weekend, two panels worth checking out: First up is a very cool composers' roundtable that'll be happening in the Kraken Theatre on Saturday at 10:30AM—it'll feature some of the best video game composers in the business, and should be interesting. Second, in a bit of brazen self-promotion, is a panel I'll be on discussing game criticism and reviews—it should be interesting, and I'll be joined by writers from Giant Bomb, Polygon and Ars Technica. If you see me at either of those talks, come say hi! I'll be the… guy.

(That famous picture above is of famous-er hard-bop tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon. A more swinging player there may never have been.)

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el Suprehombre

!!! WTF, Rock Band Blitz came out this week!!!

Here, I will handle the melodic.

Who likes music? Good. We have the game for you! It's Rock Band Blitz from Harmonix, the pioneer and leader in the music game genre.

Get ready for frantic fretting, shrilling vocals, deep bass lines, and drum beats to get the party shaking. Download this addition to the Rock Band family and get ready for 25 hits from new artists and existing acts in the Rock Band cataluge. Wait, catalouge. Err, cata something. It's like an encyclopedia of tracks.

This game will even tap into your library of hits that have been downloaded onto your hard drive to extend your playing enjoyment. Not to mention all 25 tracks will seamlessly move over into your Rock Band 3 collection!

I am absolutely addicted to this game! In recent years I've over played the Lumines titles on the PSP, and the XBox, and was a huge fan of Rock Band Unplugged on the PSP. This is a blast to play, and I feel it gives me a chance to be more familiar with the tune and rhythm of my songs. Even though I'm using a controller.

Which is great because I don't always have time to grab my accessories out of the closet to go through this.

There, that's your melodic. Have fun at PAX, and bring me back a Tshirt!