Despite your deliberately ham-fisted GameStop commercial starring the ever-charming Guillermo, I will not preorder The Taken King, because preordering is bad. And also I already preordered it on PSN.

It’s not my fault! I mean, it is my fault, but there was a good reason. I’d lost my Destiny disk, and the only way to purchase the core game online these days is in a bundle with The Taken King, so I went ahead and did that. Now I’ve got it digitally, and I can never misplace it again.

It certainly had nothing to do with this commercial, which aired on Friday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live (via Gamespot).

While I might not be a big fan of the message and Kimmel’s recent fun-poking at YouTubers, I have to say I love it when a variety/talk show goes all old school and integrates commercials into their programming. It reminds me of the old radio shows.


“We have to make it to the car before the monster gets us! Good thing we recently replaced the tires with Goodyear all-weather radials!”

If you’ve gotta have sponsors, you might as well make the most of it. That’s why I always shave with Bic razors.

Update: Originally the article called the expansion The Fallen King. I do not know why.


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