To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Preparing to Break a Leg

Further adventures in Japanese customer service.

Two weeks ago, Mrs. Bashcraft bought sushi at Hankyu Department Store in Osaka's Umeda. She got home, started eating said sushi when she noticed there was a bug.

She called up Hankyu and told them she bought sushi there and there was a bug in it. The person she spoke with apologized and then offered to refund our money — by immediately driving to our house after we gave him our address. Make that, immediately driving one hour from the department store to my house. He arrived, apologized again, and brought us cookies. He looked at the bug, saying he had never heard of this happening before, but would certainly look into it. He apologized again, refunded our money and left, taking the bug with him.

Mrs. Bashcraft was surprised! She didn't think that the Hankyu staffer would make a direct bee line to our house. Then she got worried that maybe, just maybe, the bug wasn't from the sushi, but maybe, just maybe, from outside. We live in a somewhat rural area, there are creepy bugs.

Phone call earlier this week. Same Hankyu staffer.

"We've got the results in."
"The test results in."

He had the bug sent off to a research lab to be freakin' analyzed. The bug, it seems, is found in rural areas where we live, but also in coast areas and even in urban areas. So... it's a bug that's found everywhere.


"So it is possible that the bug got into the food at our department store or was in it before and was not spotted during inspection," he said. "For that, I apologize. We will take measures so this never happens again."


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