To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Wanna Play "Smashed Sta Barrier"?

My birthday isn't until later this month, but my in-laws are leaving for Australia a the end of the week so they decided to give me a present early: A new skateboard.

I haven't properly skateboarded in years, decades even. When I was younger, much, much, much younger it was my only means of transportation. Only means. I used it to go everywhere for a good ten years. At one point, sometime while living in Seoul, Korea, a friend and I seriously talked about skateboarding across the country once we graduated from college.

That trip, planned meticulously over late nights of sodas, cookies and bad TV, never happened. And as I grew older I stopped skateboarding. First to in-line skate, then bike and eventually to grow fat and lazy.

Now, armed with a new board, I set out to regain my youth at the price, perhaps, of a fracture or two. Wish for no compounds.


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