No Humans Are Allowed In This Smash Bros. Tournament

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If you're not careful, an Amiibo can become a monster in Smash Bros. Thankfully, this doesn't have to be terrifying for us humans—instead, the intense skill of Amiibos can be turned into a spectator sport.


That's where The Amiibo Fighting Championship comes in. As the name suggests, it's an Amiibo-only tournament, where only Nintendo toys can compete. Reportedly, the Championship features the best Amiibo fighters in the world.

Here's how the Championship describes itself:

The AFC has evolved into an organization where amiibo athletes are required to know various disciplines in order to compete at an elite level in a regulated environment where artificial intelligence is paramount. AFC amiibos are skilled in many forms of martial arts, including wavedashing, boost-grabbing, ledge-cancelling, boomerang superjumps and other combat tactics.

Neat, right? Best part is, not only can you watch tournaments happen live on Twitch... can also bet on matches using Twitch chat. Every minute you watch, you earn five coins for use in the tournament. Here's how it works:

There is currently only two commands to be familiar with:

  • Betting: !bet <amount> <#>
  • Checking Balance: !coins

Example: If Marth is amiibo #4 and you want to bet 500 coins on Marth you type: "!bet 500 4"


As for what you can do with the coins you win, the stream holds a raffle where it picks 8 winners at the end. Those winners can pick what Amiibos fight that day, and winners even have the chance to rename and reconfigure Amiibos. Fantastic, no? The more invested you get into the tournament, the more you can influence it. I can only imagine what sorts of amazing situations can rise from this set-up.

While this is the coolest thing I've seen all day, the stream is still a work-in-progress. The handlers are hoping to add a lot more stuff. You can expect stuff like tournaments ladders, seasons, matches against actual pros, and more ways to spend coins.


Now maybe we can stop worrying about Amiibos sweeping human tournaments.

Thanks, John Martins!



I love the idea of sending "trained" amiibos to fight each other. That actually seems closer to how a Pokémon match would work than an actual Pokémon match (uncomfortable comparison to real-life animal fights aside).