Much as we'd all like to think this is true at face value, it isn't. It's a proto-meme, bubbling under the surface of the Internet for a few years. It popped up again this weekend. If you receive this message, you're being double-victimized.

First, some a-hole unfurls a homophobic slur at you in Call of Duty or some other bro-shooter. You probably (justifiably) stereotype him as a teenager, an unemployed neckbeard, or someone otherwise claimed as a dependent on a Form 1040. Then he sends you this message, which isn't an apology but a passive-aggressive reminder of what he called you on air.


We've verified the account exists (the name and Gamerscore are current) but given the preponderance of these messages out in Google image search and elsewhere, we doubt the sincerity of the communication.

As nice as it is to think of June Cleaver, in her pearls and heels, shaking a finger at the Beav and admonishing him for calling Eddie Haskell a faggot, it ain't so.


via @Tyzaa_