Sorry! If you are a dude, then you cannot enter Osaka’s Ataraxia Cafe, which is aimed strictly at lady geeks. It’s apparently the first of its kind in Japan.

Over the years, there have been a variety of cafes aimed at women otaku, such as “butler cafes,” which were relatively popular a decade ago among the country’s geek subculture. This cafe, however, explicitly bans “regular people and men.”

[Photo: Ataraxia Cafe | Twitter]

The idea is to create a space where women can relax and enjoy their otaku hobbies, whether that’s reading manga or playing video games.

[Photo: Ataraxia Cafe | Twitter]

There is even a “work space,” where people can draw manga, work on cosplay costumes, or pursue whatever creative endeavor they’re doing.

[Photo: Ataraxia Cafe | Twitter]

The cafe even has sewing machines for use as well as a mannequin to help fit costumes. There’s also free Wi-Fi, which can be hard to find in Japan.

[Photo: Ataraxia Cafe | Twitter]

Besides not being a dude, you need to be a member to enter (also 18 years old and up). Members only bars are common throughout Japan (and have been for many, many years). This is a geek spin on those spaces for women.

The cafe also serves up coffee, tea, and tasty sweets as well as alcohol.

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Top photo: Ataraxia Cafe | Twitter

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