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While talking with Entertainment Weekly, Seth Rogan says that there won't be a video game based on the upcoming Green Hornet flick because the rights were too tied up.

It's something we wanted to do with The Green Hornet but the rights were tied up in a complicated way and we weren't able to get it off the ground in time. We were even talking about how fun it would be to do a videogame when we were working on The Pineapple Express. For me, it's cool with movies because what those Matrix games showed is that it can actually be part of the narrative and fill in some of the gaps. It can be an interactive accoutrement to the story, you know? And that concept really blew my mind when those guys did that. It really blew my mind.


Rogan also talks about owning a PlayChoice-10 arcade machine and how using headsets while playing on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 was a horrible experience.

But no Green Hornet huh? That's too bad, that could have had potential.

Seth Rogen gets in the (video) game


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