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No Final Fantasy X-3 on the way: In an interview with sgcafe.com, Square Enix game producer Shinji Hashimoto confirmed that the 30-minute audio drama included with the HD re-release of FFX and X-2 was merely a story to further expand the game's universe, and that Square Enix has no plans to develop a FFX-3.

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I'm sure fans of super-linear/hold your hand every step of the way FF games with nonsensical stories that rely way too much on lengthy cutscenes and over the top CG featuring a bunch of emo buckle-clad characters are very saddened by this. For the rest, that are not big fans of the Kitase/Toriyama/Nomura* trifecta and who prefer the FFs made by Hiroyuki Ito (6, 9, 12) I can only imagine, that like myself, they are breathing a deep sigh of relief.

* I don't have a problem with Nomura's design per say; I think they're a good fit for games like TWEWY and Kingdom Hearts, but not for Final Fantasy. I think Yoshitaka Amano's designs were great and more recently Akihiko Yoshida's work on the series has been fantastic (FF Tactics, FFIII (DS remake) FFXII, FFXIV, FF: 4 Heroes of Light, Bravely Default).