No Final Fantasy Versus XIII At Tokyo Game Show

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According Square Enix game designer Tetsuya Nomura, Final Fantasy XIII will be playable. His title, Final Fantasy Versus, won't be anywhere to be seen, however.


Unlike last year, Square Enix will not be screening trailers for upcoming titles like Final Fantasy Versus XIII and instead will be focusing on playable demos for titles due out in the next year.

That apparently means no new trailers, screens or footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII or Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday.


Final Fantasy XIII is slated for this winter in Japan, while FF Versus XIII still is TBA. Surely, people can make due with a new FFXIII demo, no?

Playstation 3 RPG Site - News: Versus XIII takes a back seat to Playable FFXIII at TGS [RPG Site via VG247]

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Rachel Fogg

Well, that's not surprising...XIII is so close to being at the jumping point the last thing they want to do is what they did with XII when they announced XIII. Nobody cared about XII after that. It was still successful however, clearly people were intrigued by XIII more.

As for vXIII, damnit....this is the one I want more, but SE keep it in the dark, help it grow with love and make it a great game.

For now, I'll just have to sate myself with that lovely picture of Noctis looking seriously beautiful.