No Fee, and Maybe WiiSpeak, for Western Monster Hunter 3

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Capcom's considering both adding Wiispeak support to and removing monthly fees for online play from its Western release of Monster Hunter, according to a couple of separate reports.


In Japan, Monster Hunter 3 will carry a fee for online play, a detail that arched some eyebrows on this side of the Pacific. Speaking at TGS, Chris Kramer, the senior spokesman for Capcom USA, said circumstances unique to Japan may make this unnecessary elsewhere. According to GamingUnion, Kramer said:

It's something that we're looking into at the moment and there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, Monster Hunter isn't as popular in the West, so it might put people off. Secondly, Japan doesn't have Friend Codes, so Capcom run all the servers and the monthly fee is essentially to pay for those costs.

Makes sense and even if it's not final, it's a good bet this means no fees.

Regarding WiiSpeak, for all six of you who have it, the Capcom producer Ryozo Tsjmoto told G4 in an interview that "a lot of users have asked for voice chat," in Monster Hunter 3, and:

We're looking into right now whether it's technically possible or not. And so if it is, maybe we'll make an announcement. If it isn't, you know, if it realistically can't be done, then I'm sorry we may have to leave it out. But we're looking into it.

And that's all the Monster Hunter 3 news I can dredge up for you at this hour.

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Are friend codes really that bothersome to people? You put them in once and you don't have to care anymore. Honestly, the system isn't that cumbersome to bash it every time it gets brought up, especially if it results in no fee for us.