No Farts-In-A-Jar For Saints Row 3

Just because Saints Row: The Third lets players beat up people with sex toys doesn't mean it lets them unleash farts from jars.

"Not every crazy weapon idea that gets thrown out at meetings ends up getting used," says producer Greg Donovan in the latest Game Informer. "With some ideas, we're like 'that's not over the top... even we know that's distasteful' to the point where I don't even want to tell you what the ideas were. Put it that way."


One of those ideas was a fart in a jar. The weapon was, well, a fart in a jar that could be thrown at enemies, causing them to puke all over the place instead of fight.

Some on the team loved the fart in a jar, while others thought it, ahem, stank. The weapon didn't end up making its way into the final game.


Saints Row: The Third is expected out later this year.

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