Illustration for article titled No, EA Wont Ban You On Origin If You Ask For A Refund For emSimCity/em [UPDATE]

Lately, a rumor has spread about how EA might ban users who request for refunds on SimCity. It's bunk.


This was a widely-posted chat, in which a sales rep supposedly tells someone that if they tried to dispute the refund claim on SimCity through their bank, they'd get banned on Origin. Naturally, the image scared folks.

Today, the Origin Twitter account stated the following:


Which assuages fears that asking for a refund, period, might get you banned—though not that disputes with your bank would. We've reached out to EA for comment on that specific detail.

UPDATE: EA has informed Kotaku that they will not ban players on Origin for bank disputes either, despite what the rumors say.

The return policy they link to says that they do not offer refunds on digital downloads, though physical purchases bought through the Origin store can be returned within 14 days of purchase—which means that, while EA won't ban you for asking for a refund, you still won't be getting one if you bought the game digitally.

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