No Dude, Kingdom Hearts Isn't Based on Heart of Darkness

Lately, it seems like lots of video games are based on Joseph Connrad's novel Heart of Darkness. Games like Far Cry 2 and Spec Ops: The Line made the inspiration explicit, while many other recent games simply borrow Conrad's basic gist.


But despite the fact that both things have the word "Heart" in the title, helpful ChaCha user Brandon H. is careful to remind a curious question-asker that no, the video game Kingdom Hearts is not at all related to Heart of Darkness. So please stop asking.

Some other excellent (and more recent) video-game ChaChas include:


I like the phrasing of that last question quite a bit.

Is the video game Kingdom Hearts at all related to Joseph Conrad's novel Heart of Darkness? [ChaCha via Chris Plante]

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