No Doubt About Rock Band's Next Batch Of DLC

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Harmonix has confirmed what the band No Doubt announced last night — thirteen tracks from the group's The Singles 1992–2003 will be available for Rock Band next week. Which two songs didn't make the cut?


That would be "New" from the band's album Return of Saturn and "Trapped In A Box" form its self-titled debut. You'll still get thirteen solid gold hits, each for $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points) or the whole shebang for $19.99 (1600 Microsoft Points). The Xbox 360 version gets it first on December 9, with the PlayStation 3 versions landing two days later.


Read on for the full track list.

1."Just a Girl"
2."It’s My Life"
3."Hey Baby"
5."Sunday Morning"
6."Hella Good"
7."Underneath It All"
8."Excuse Me Mr.”
11."Simple Kind of Life”
12.“Don’t Speak”

All tracks are, as expected, master tracks. As for the missing numbers, we might theorize that "New"'s inclusion on the Go movie soundtrack had something to do with it and that "Trapped In A Box" — being the only track from No Doubt's 1992 album — was technically prohibited from inclusion. Just a guess!

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Factory Records # 50

This list is just weak. Their self-titled album had all of their best tracks, and some great guitar work outs to boot.