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No, Cliff Bleszinski Is Not Making A Horror Game

Illustration for article titled No, Cliff Bleszinski Is Not Making A Horror Game

Cliff Bleszinski, designer of the Gears of War series, was rumored to be doing a horror game. He is not doing a horror game.


"I'm NOT doing a horror game," the developer, known as Dude Huge, tweeted. "I don't know how that rumor started."

Well, I'll tell you! It started in EGM's "Quartermann" rumor column, which stated that this Bleszinski-designed horror game will "mix the bloody visceral elements of Gears of War with psychological terror."


The rumored titled was apparently multi-platform, too. But Bleszinski isn't doing a horror game, he says. He must be developing something else. But what?

Cliff Bleszinski (therealcliffyb) [Twitter via IncGamers]

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To me Gears of War still is one of the (few) greatest franchises of this generation and it's totally ridiculous to bash those games.

Always looking forward for new Epic-stuff!

Am I a moron now?