Rumor: Gears Designer Going Survival Horror, Multi-platform

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Now that Gears of War 2 is in the can and maybe even in your hot little hands, what's next for Epic Games and designer Cliff Bleszinski (née Dude Huge)? Would you believe survival horror? That's the word from EGM's "Quartermann" who writes in the mag's monthly rumor column that Bleszinski's next will be a "mix the bloody visceral elements of Gears of War with psychological terror." That's the extent of the details Q-man is willing to give, only noting that the title is "multi-platform" — which we'll interpret to mean Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and (maybe) PC, not Nintendo DS and PSP. We'll hold tight for the EGM cover story on the matter or hope that Cliff just spills the beans in the comments. Quartermann: Cliff Bleszinski's Next Game a Survival Horror Title? [1UP]



Well Gears is Incredible so the smart thing at this point is to Develop Multi platform and Say "From The People who brought to you Gears of War".

What ever it is will be Great. Cliffy B. Is a big Horror Games fan so I doubt they'll mess it up.