Who says the Wii isn't for the hardcore gamer? Seems a third-party retailer has been pumping out Wii Balance Board covers that depict casual drugs and/or teh booby. Gamesindustry.biz went tattling to Nintendo about it and got a predictably corporate response.

"These are not officially licensed products, we always recommend the use of official first or third party Nintendo products to ensure 100 per cent compatibility and reliability with our hardware. We always closely monitor new products entering the market to ensure that they do not infringe on any of our IP."


Which, because a cover on a balance board has absolutely shit to do with "compatibility," means: "We can't stop this yet, but one slip-up and their ass is grass and we're gonna mow it." Compared to some things we've seen involving a balance board, this is quite tame. The covers retail for $20 and can be found on Amazon. Manufacturer AMR Racing does them for the balance board, Rock Band instruments, and other peripherals. Nintendo Distances Itself From Unofficial Balance Board Covers [GamesIndustry.biz]

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