Xenosaga and Baten Kaitos developer Monolith Soft are giving the Japanese role-playing game another go with Nintendo, bringing Xenoblade to the Wii sometime in 2010... at least in Japan. Will the game's newest trailer make you demand an import?

Nintendo of America didn't bring Monolith Soft's previous Wii game Disaster: Day of Crisis stateside. Nor does it appear the company intends to. Fortunately, Nintendo showed off Xenoblade at last year's E3, when it was still known as Monado: Beginning of the World. That's a positive sign.


The game's latest trailer, which is in Japanese, might make you care again (or for the very first time) that Nintendo owns Monolith Soft, because Xenoblade is looking like the kind of epic JRPG adventure that the Wii is currently light on.

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