Nintendo's Wii U Smartphone Integration Won't be Ready at Launch

Illustration for article titled Nintendos Wii U Smartphone Integration Wont be Ready at Launch

One of the more intriguing things Nintendo showed off yesterday during its pre-E3 show was the ability for the Wii U to host some of its community features on devices like smartphones. Sadly, that's a feature that won't make the console's launch.


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said as much over Twitter earlier today, while adding that the MiiVerse - Nintendo's fancy new avatar-based community features - will make launch.



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Let's hope this doesn't end up coming out too long after the system is out. I definitely don't want another eShop-like situation to happen again! I'm almost certain that was announced before the 3DS came out, but it ended up not launching until 3 or 4 months after the 3DS!