Nintendo's Successes Spreads to Support Companies

How successful is Nintendo? So successful that even the cottage industry that supports the shipping, printing and manufacturing of their products are rolling in the dough.

Duplium Corporation, the company North America's largest Nintendo Certified packaging and printing facility, is doing so well that they're planning on expanding into a number of new major North American markets, the company said recently.


“As far as we can tell, 2009 will be another big year for the Nintendo platforms,” said Ryan Anderson, director of North American sales for Duplium. "Traditionally in down economies gaming software sales remain strong. It is my personal opinion that the Wii will excel out of all the platforms in 2009 because its family friendly, and interactive."

Duplium, which handes DVD and CD duplication and media packaging, said that they're outputting 368,000 discs a day for Nintendo.

Nintendo Drives Packaging and Printing Firm's Growth

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