Nintendo's Strange Celebrity Hostage Videos

As part of Nintendo's 25th brithday celebrations for The Legend Of Zelda, the publisher has roped a few celebrities into jumping in front of a camera to tell their personal stories involving the series.


Only...they don't look like they've been roped. Between the audio, video and backdrop, it looks more like there are masked gunmen on the other side of the camera, and Chris Evans' feet are bound with electric tape. Elijah Wood, poor kid, looks like he's been drugged by his captors, while Seth Green is one more word away from a bullet for his defiance in not staying on message.

(OK, seriously, Evans' clip, with his late-teen backtracking, is actually quite adorable, and bravo to WWE wrestler - and Zelda fanboy - Cody Rhodes for being the only one able to actually recount specifics)


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Anyone who can get all the way to Link's Shadow at the end of Zelda II is okay in my books. They are a rare breed, and a special breed. Beating Link's Shadow is fulfilling as all hell, but getting to the end of the last palace is an amazing feat in itself.


I also like when the woman said she has played almost all of them, noting there must be some handheld ones she didn't play. Hopefully she got her hands on the Oracle series, as those are some of the best in the series.