Nintendo's Record Court Fine Reduced By Soft-Hearted Judge

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Back in 2002, Nintendo were busted by the European Union for price-fixing. Their punishment was a €149 million (USD$200 million) fine, which is still one of the biggest penalties ever handed out by the EU.

But for being such co-operative so-and-sos with the whole thing, a judge has reduced the company's fines to "only" €119 million (USD$160 million). This is in keeping with EU policy, which "rewards" perpetrators with reduced fines if they co-operate with investigations.


Nintendo was originally found guilty of having colluded with several distributors across Europe in a concerted effort to keep the price of Nintendo consoles and games artificially high.

Judge reduces £134m Nintendo fine [MCV]

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Wasn't Nintendo on the other end of price fixing recently by the two companies that made the screens for Nintendo DS systems coluding to overcharge Nintendo for the screens?