​Nintendo's Recent Drama, Summed Up In One Cheeky Image

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Flat Wii U sales. Decreases in executive salary. Wishes for Nintendo to do something radically different. There's no doubt that the House of Mario is facing serious challenges. They're having a big investor meeting tonight. And the image above, tweeted out by a parody account pegged to Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aime earlier today, suggests that Nintendo's going to do its own thing, confident that its faithful will follow them.

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No...you lost market share due to a reliance on gimmicky attractions.

There's a difference.

It worked last generation, mostly because of a low price point, and attracting a new segment, which was FANTASTIC. Developers were required to tailor games to your system, and it wasn't as big a deal, because you had a huge install base, making the system attractive to develop for.

But this generation, you introduced a new gimmick, which did not resonate nearly as well with ANY segment, and now you are suffering for it. No install base to pull developers to as a result.

"True fans" can't change the fact that the Wii U is undoing everything the Wii did for you.