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Nintendo's First Wii Game Powered By Google

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Wii is getting a new family-friendly party game—at least in Japan—dubbed And Kensaku that features an unusual partner: Google. Nintendo and developer Shift will be releasing the Google search-powered game next month.

According to details from Siliconera, And Kensaku taps into some 10,000 Google search terms and trends, with the option to download additional Google data via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Players compete to guess which Google search terms have greater popularity in multiple game types.


And Kensuka comes with an adorable robotic mascot, so even if the gameplay sounds a little confounding, the cuteness will help its chances with the Japanese consumer. The Wii game is due April 29 in Japan and will cost a very reasonable 4800 yen.

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