Nintendo's E3 2021 Plans Include A Direct And Treehouse Live

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Image: Nintendo

Nintendo fans wondering about the company’s E3 plans can now cease their incessant pondering. There’s be a 40-minute Nintendo Direct on June 15 focused on Switch games, followed by three hours of deep dives via Treehouse Live.


The festivities kick off at noon Eastern time on June 15 with a selection of Switch games, with a focus on those coming out in 2021. The most interesting of those will then be shown off by developers during the three-hour Treehouse Live stream. And then Nintendo’s E3 is over and we can all go home and dream about Zeldas and Yoshis and whatnot. Sounds like a plan.

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Just to get ahead of this now because I’m still seeing comments along these lines: please keep your expectations in check about any new Switch hardware announcements.

Every reliable piece of information we’ve seen suggests this will only be a mid-generation redesign of the original Switch (AKA 3DS to New 3DS or PS4 to PS4 Pro) but with a special dock to handle upscaling to 4K. That’s neat, but Switch games are still going to be designed around the existing hardware.

There’s little chance that we’re gonna hear about a successor to the Switch.