Nintendo's Company Sports Uniforms Are 🔥

Nintendo, like loads of other companies, has an internal sports team. That’s not unique. But what’s cool about Nintendo’s company table tennis team is that its uniform is to die for.

Image: @nebaott

Just look at this shit!

It was designed internally by a Nintendo employee, and these images were shared by Masaaki Sano, an avid table tennis player (and former employee of Nintendo) himself.

There are two uniforms, both bearing the classic colour schemes and logo of the original Famicom console. The cream one above is the nicest, but the maroon + gold below is no slouch either.

Image: @nebaott

And in a very Nintendo touch, the text on the chest is the team name: The Fireballs (you can also see small pixellated Mario fireballs on the shorts and bottom of the cream jersey).

I want one or both of these immediately.


If you’re after something similar, and something that you can actually buy, remember that Nintendo sponsors local J-League team Kyoto Sanga, which gets them a huge company logo (in Kanji!) on the back of the jersey.

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