Nintendo's Anti-Piracy PR Crusade Continues

Fresh off declaring war against the humble R4 cart, Nintendo have issued yet another statement to the press outlining the progress they're making against software piracy, which has to be the 3rd or 4th they've sent out this year. It reads:

Nintendo takes a global approach to piracy and has pursued the illegal game copying devices in 11 countries this past year. Nintendo has worked with enforcement officials in Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, UK, and the US, seizing close to 30,000 infringing game copying products, as well as taking actions against those distributors and manufacturers.


Good for them! Problem is, this kind of approach is about as effective as those "police announce record drug bust" stories on TV. 30,000 "products"? That's not even a drop in the ocean. Issuing bold PR statements like that isn't showing us you're making progress. It's only drawing attention to the fact you're not. Nintendo: 30,000 illegal pirate devices seized so far in '08 []

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