Nintendo Won't Comment On DSi Pricing Differences For Outside Japan

This year, the already-out-in-Japan Nintendo DSi will be released in North America and Europe. What kind of pricing should overseas expect?

In a recently released Q&A from Nintendo's Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing in Tokyo, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said this about DSi pricing: "This time, considering the current foreign currency exchange rates, there is no possibility of selling DSi overseas with the same price as DS Lite at all. There will have to be a difference in price. With this price difference, I think that the DS Lite and DSi will be sold side by side in the Americas and in Europe, but I will not be able to comment on their ratio today as we have not announced the prices and we will have to see how people react to the announcement."


In Japan, the DSi is ¥2,100 (US$23) more expensive than the DS Lite. Nintendo stated it won't yet comment on the DSi/DS Lite pricing differences for North America and Europe, but hopefully it will be roughly the same as what Japanese consumers are paying.

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