Nintendo Won't be Revealing the Wii U's Price at E3

Nintendo's currently holding an investor's meeting to discuss its recent financial results, and among all the grim financial talk there's some news. Like the fact that, despite launching worldwide in 2012, Nintendo won't be telling us how much the system costs at E3.[Twitter]



If it's more than a Vita, people won't buy it.

Nintendo has to do a lot more than Xenoblade to win back consumer trust - if anything, the fact that they only gave it to us after we screamed at them a year (and even then they gave us the unaltered EU version with the crappy title screen logo AND UK DATE FORMAT ON THE SAVE SCREEN!) proves they have a LONG way to go before we can sensibly trust them with our money.

Anyways, with the 3DS, I called it that $220 was the absolute maximum viable price for the system, and they blew it. They took the E3 hype as carte blanche to price it however they wanted, and five months later they slashed the price (more than necessary, I think) and were down on their knees, begging for forgiveness, all the while pissing off the freshly-minted "Ambassadors" who thought having their loyalty taken advantage of to the tune of $80 was a poor trade-off for getting 20 worthless old games and the non-Ambassadors who would be screwed out of getting 20 awesome classic games because they didn't pay $80 more for a system that didn't have anything worth playing on it at launch.

Me, I believe that the magic number for Wii U is $250 - not a penny more. Not $270, not $300, not $350, and sure as hell not $400. Anything over $250 and Wii U will be exactly where 3DS was a year ago - only this time, they don't even have the "wow factor" to carry it forward. Wii U's reveal was the anti-3DS, a clusterbomb of greater-than-PS3 proportion: while that reveal gave us a bunch of fun Internet memes, this one just left us scratching our heads.

Personally, I'm not even going to give it the benefit of the doubt. The Wii U is going to fail and fail hard, and I'm going to be picking up mine on the clearance shelf. Maybe once Nintendo has finally laid off all the people who seem obsessed with the idea that Nintendo needs to reinvent what makes games fun, they'll finally do so.