Nintendo Will be Making Games Using the Unity Engine

Unity CEO David Helgason has revealed that his company, whose light-weight engine is becoming increasingly popular in both the mobile and PC gaming worlds, has been licensed by Nintendo for use with the upcoming Wii U.

The engine is being optimised for Nintendo's latest console, and while it's become surprisingly powerful in recent times (see above), you'd expect it's got more to do with downloadable titles than with frontline development. It'll also be useful in convincing developers of existing games and properties using Unity to also bring their games to the Wii U. Importantly, Nintendo has licensed the engine for use both with third-party developers and with Nintendo's own studios.

While it's no CryEngine 3, the fact a company like Nintendo is making such a deal at all shows the Japanese giant is becoming a little more savvy when it comes to embracing the modern development scene.


Nintendo licenses Unity engine for Wii U, both in-house and out [Eurogamer]

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terror pocket

I know nothing about Unity. Is that a bad thing?