Nintendo wants to give you a quick update on how awesome it's doing. It's now planning on doing wicked awesome this current fiscal year, with an expected 11% increase in sales. That means instead of the 28 million Nintendo DSs and 25 million Wiis it had planned to ship by March 31 of 2009, it will ship... more. More software too! Laughs and chuckles were heard emanating from the company's Kyoto offices today. Oh, and it'll make more money accordingly. Operating income and net income have both been projected to be much, much higher. What does that really mean? Net income of somewhere in the ballpark of $3.8 billion (in U.S. bucks) for the year, according to Bloomberg, news that gave Nintendo's stock price a positive kick in the pants. The Bloomberg report does not mention, however, exactly when Nintendo expects to give up its efforts and go third party and put guns on cars like they probably should. You're just prolonging the inevitable, Iwata! Nintendo Raises Forecasts on Wii, DS; Shares Surge [Bloomberg]