Nintendo Wants More Dragon Quests... What Are They Waiting For?

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Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime says he wants more Dragon Quest. That's great! Bring'em over!

Yesterday afternoon, Fils-Aime took over Nintendo's Twitter account to answer fan questions in hilarious and ridiculous fashion. The most noteworthy comment: "I’d love to see a new Dragon Quest game, too!"

Well, okay. So do some wheeling and dealing and bring some to North America, Mr. Fils-Aime. RPG fans are pretty eager to see these three in particular, all of which have come out in Japan for Nintendo consoles:

Dragon Quest X (Wii, Wii U, PC) - an MMORPG that might get some RPG fans psyched on the Wii U.


Dragon Quest VII (3DS) - a remake of the critically-acclaimed PlayStation RPG that looks fantastic.

Dragon Quest Rocket Slime 3 (3DS) - an action-adventure DQ spinoff involving rockets and slimes and pirate ships.

Nintendo of America published the last few Dragon Quest games—DQIX and DS remakes of DQIV, DQV, and DQVI—in North America. I hear that Reggie has like 200 hours clocked on DQIX. I bet he'd dig the 3DS remake of DQVII, too. If only some sort of publisher could come along and localize it for English-speakers...

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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker was my first tentative reach into the franchise, and I absolutely loved it. I followed up with Dragon Quest IX and also had a great time.

Any other recommendations?