Illustration for article titled ​Nintendo: Twitch Streaming Isnt on the Wii U Because Its Not Fun

Nintendo makes fun characters who do fun things in, for the most part, fun games. The House of Mario is all about the fun. But streaming yourself having fun playing a Wii U game? That is not fun, according to Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime.


In an interview with Polygon, Fils-Aime explained why livestreaming services like Twitch aren't part of the Wii U's feature set:

"We don't think streaming 30 minutes of gameplay by itself is a lot of fun."

"We're looking to do a lot of great things with Twitch… The Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 that we're executing through Twitch is doing fantastic numbers."

"Your specific question of just purely streaming gameplay, what we've got to think through is, so what's fun about that? From a consumer standpoint, what's fun about it?"

Fils-Aime goes to use Mario Kart TV and the livestream of the Smash Bros. Invitational earlier this week as a good example of how Nintendo views the potential pluses of video sharing. Nevertheless, his comments make it sound that support for raw livestreaming isn't something that Nintendo will be adding to the Wii U anytime soon.

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